Mutha River Visit_8th March 2014


8th March 2014

Area: Mutha River Bank, Siddheshwar Temple, Near Sawarkar Bhavan, Pune

Time: 7 am to 9 am


Though we had anticipated it, the sight of Mutha river was nevertheless disturbing.

It would not be an exaggeration if I say we could spot water flowing in between floating garbage. It used to be a river once upon a time, now it is a canal, carrying city’s sewage and garbage.

Banks were no different, choking on plastic and other garbage.

Interestingly, spotted leafy vegetables like Laal and Hirava Maath near banks. Tulas was also present thanks to the nirmalya that is thrown in river water. Takala was also there in various stages of growth.

Many Pond Herons were seen on the floating garbage. Saw Egret, Crows, Pariah Kites, Pigeons, Common Mynas, White and Grey wagtail. Kingfisher and Wire-tailed Swallow was seen perched on overhead wire. A flock of Parakeets, a cormorant passed by. There were Red-whiskered and Red-vented bulbuls, Bee-eaters on the trees on the bank.





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