Mutha River Journey

Mutha River originates near Temghar, travels around 40 km to reach Pune city.

It is not only the distance it travels, it is the transition it goes through from a river to a sewage and garbage carrier, once in city.

Here is a photoscape of river’s journey, at Temghar, At Khadakwasala, Mhatre Bridge, S. M. Joshi Bridge, Sambhaji Bridge, Omkareshwar, Mula-Mutha Bird Sanctuary.

Painful & quite disturbing to see a beautiful river turning into a drainage canal. Can we call our city a progressive city? Is it necessary that ‘development’ should come at the cost of environmental destruction? Does it not show how ‘aware’ and ‘responsible’ are we Punekars? Can we ever become a great city with this kind of ignorance and attitude towards the river because of which the city exists today? Time to act…..long way to go……….


-Aditi Deodhar


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