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Jeevitnadi is a group of individuals from various walks of life, who have come together for a common passion and purpose i.e. to make Mula-Mutha river a living river.

It all started with one of our friends, Niranjan, who made a promise to his one-year old son that they would go for a swim in Mula-Mutha river on his 10th birthday. When he shared this with Ecological Society group, it struck a chord. We all were done feeling appalled, disgusted and helpless with state of the river. The thought of leaving behind a living river for our future generations provided the necessary motivation.


Eminent Ecologist, Prakash Gole had studied Mula-Mutha river extensively in the period October 1982 to March 1983. He had also proposed a development plan for the river.

Since then Pune city and in turn Mula-Mutha river has seen a lot of transformations in the form of increased population, infrastructure construction. Hence it is essential to assess current state of the river. Taking Prakash Gole’s 1982-83 report as the base, on the same factors, survey of the river and banks is planned. Some river stretches are already covered as part of this survey.  Defined river stretches will be visited in all three seasons; Summer, Monsoon and Winter so as to get an accurate picture. Once completed, details of survey will not only provide current status of the river but will also provide a timeline of how changes took place over the time period. It will also help us understand drivers and pressures for the river system.

What is equally important is to understand river ecosystem as a part of a bigger system. System is always more than just a sum of its parts. River as a system interacts with other systems; exchanges matter and energy with them.

Garbage in the river, the chemicals in the river have a source and are going to be transported to other systems eventually. If we wish to reduce the pollution in the river, physically removing garbage from the river is not sufficient but it is essential to reduce it at the source. Everyday tons of chemicals are discharged into the river from all the households in Pune and surrounding areas. Similarly the garbage that lands in the river water comes from us. Along with demanding more effective sewage treatment plans and regulations on industries from the government, focus on chemical-free lifestyle is of utmost importance and is only sustainable way going forward. Jeevit Nadi Meet ESAs part of this initiative, a series of lectures were arranged making people aware of what chemicals we use in our day-to-day life, what effects do they have on our river system and in turn our health, what are the alternatives and how to go about chemical-free lifestyle.

Going forward, Training of the Teachers (TOT) would be conducted to equip more and more people who can impart lectures for Chemical-free living to organizations, housing colonies, schools and colleges. Presentations of the same would be made available on the social media and the Internet to reach larger audience.

There are many individuals and organizations working with similar objective. Our intention is not to create a stand-alone body, but to interact with them, share information and work together towards this shared vision.




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