Muthai River Walk


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Muthai River Walk,

Every Sunday, 6:45 am to 8:30 am

Assembly Point: Siddheshwar Temple Ghaat, Behind Sawarkar Bhavan, near PMC.

Take a stroll along the river with us and you will be transported to the glorious past of the river. Volunteers shall unfold the history of Pune city before you as you take the walk – find out about the early settlers, about how the city slowly established along the banks of Mutha, about the various landmarks and their associated events, about the river ecology, about Mutha’s course from origin till confluence, in short, experience how the river used to be, is and much more.

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Muthai River Festival

Muthai River Festival took place in Pune between 2-8 October 2015


MUTHAI DAY-1, 2nd October 2015

15-Minute River Clean-up